Crazy Right-Wing Supreme Court

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:43 am
I can't believe these guys! Have they finally had a moment of clarity? They actually wrote:

But there is no reason to believe that an extra layer of regulation would have affected that behavior. Determined wrongdoers, already ignoring existing statutes and safety measures, are unlikely to be convinced to adopt safe practices by a new overlay of regulations.

Oh, wait; never mind. This was in response to regulations on abortion clinics. We can't possibly jeopardize free access to abortion by requiring sanitary facilities or doctors with hospital admitting privileges. ... egulations
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I read that piece too.

It was, sadly, spot on.

It really is amazing how much the left talks about freedom and individual liberties so much on issues of sexual ethics but tries to control everyone's life in pretty much every area.

Man, I'm sick of politics.

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