MO goes no on Obamacare

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:04 pm
So last night 71% of voters in MO decided yes on Prop C. Which basically says the Federal govt cant force us to buy insurance.

Federal law will probably win over state law but it was a nice referendum on Obamacare. St Louis and Kansas City went for No on C by 51 to 49. So even where it went against it didn't go by a large margin.

Also, the turnout was heavy on the Republican side. For example, Roy Blunt won the republican nomination for senate with 676000 or so votes. Carnahan on the democrat ticket won her primary with 270000 votes. Most races I saw had similar numbers with over twice the number of votes in the republican primaries than the democrat ones.

Now it could be that some democrats went to vote as republicans to affect those races, but those numbers are pretty big.

100 or so days out from the election it makes you wonder...

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I hope the democrats get completely squashed in November, along with McLame and Lindsey Graham and Olympia Snow and a bunch of other RINOs

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deadpool1701 wrote:Federal law will probably win over state law but it was a nice referendum on Obamacare.

Pfft. Voters telling the federal government what to do? That's just madness!

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