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Really Dorm? Nothing?
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Your guess is as good as mine. It looks totally horrible and yet also very odd. Not much rhyme or reason to it all if we are to assume the official story is correct. Very successful multi-millionaire with everything to live for goes mega-postal, somehow smuggles scores of rifles and other guns into a ritzy hotel, rains down death upon hundreds of innocent concert-goers. Hotel security seems to be non-factor before and during. Internal cameras are a non-factor. Police and security arrive strangely late. Perp offs himself, as expected. Brother is nuts in interviews. Motive is still complete conjecture.

Other than that, I see there's lots of interesting small details online, as well as the usual wagonload of misinfo/disinfo. But as usual, we're held hostage by what the media and government tells us. I'm sure the real story, whatever it is, has not fully emerged. Or maybe it never will.

I'm kind of retired at the moment from researching these kinds of things. They took a lot of energy to delve into but weren't well-received due to the emotional friction of challenging narratives and 'facts'. That's to be expected, mind you. I'm still confident that the problems I found with certain 'high profile' suspicious mass shootings in the past are still valid. Plus the stories about many other geopolitical events seem even more suspicious and flawed. Maybe the recent Vegas thing has no connection to anything. Organic, random chaos surely happens. It just happens more logically, with the who-what-where-how successfully investigated.

There's enough data and research about past events to suggest that there's a giant covert world dedicated to either causing really bloody mayhem or manufacturing staged events to persuade/divide/confuse/distract popular opinion and obfuscate what's really happening in the 'overt world.' Is that applicable here? No idea so far.

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