The Clintons are surrounded by a lot of mysterious deaths

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Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation Is Found Dead ... found-dead

This man is yet one more suspicious death linked to the Clinton family. It might appear like a coincidence if a public official were constantly being investigated, and one or a few of the investigators died under strange circumstance, thus halting the investigations. Or maybe the people who died were thought to be secretly associated to a public official in potentially illegal ventures, and their deaths would in effect abort the chances of any successful investigation of that public official.

It could just be a fluke, right? Conspiracy theory fodder.

But what if dozens of such people died under such circumstances over the years? What if the death toll was at least 33?

'Clinton death list': 33 spine-tingling cases ... ing-cases/

Snopes, as usual, has an article refuting those claims and defending those in power. That's their job.

Personally, I think it's somewhere in between. I don't think all these people were murdered by specific order of the Clintons, nor murdered at all. But I believe at least some of them -- the minority -- were murdered by an unknown, organized force to quickly 'mop up' some serious controversies that, if exposed, could upset the status quo as a whole.

I think the most recent deaths are very suspicious, such as the separate cases of Klaus Eberwein, Shawn Lucas, Seth Rich, John Ashe, and Gareth Williams. These men didn't necessarily endanger the Clintons alone, but really scared the system of which the Clintons are a noteworthy part.

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