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Forgot. Recently Trump wanted to get those untrustworthy Canadian dairy farmers and loggers. He claims they are ripping the USA off. The US-Canada NAFTA trade, while not ideal for anyone, actually favours US industries and financiers quite a bit. Our trade surplus from exporting to the US has dropped massively. The amount of raw material product going south is still big, but also still wobbly, and hardly an amount that it is endangering any US industries. Milk? Cheese? Grain? Sorry, a drop in the bucket. America is mainly feeding itself, aside from a small amount of novelty imports.

Raw log lumber. As usual, we're almost giving it away. It's no longer a gigantic cash-cow. Plus, America is reforesting and looking better in the forests all the time. We're just killing ours for peanuts, and not selling it 'cut' for added value.

So anyway, we were very bad, helping to build houses with cheap logs. Suddenly, yesterday, Trump's threatening profile turned into a glorious new chance for NAFTA re-negotiations. We might be good again. It's all reality TV.

If he really wants to revamp trade, how about bringing back millions of manufacturing jobs? None of which Canada took in the first place. We aced a lot of our jobs too. Damn, we'll ask him to throw some extra jobs our way if he will ever seriously confront globalization.

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