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The Story of Stanley and Daritza, part 2

We know Daritza Velez and Stanley Almovodar are in the FV because their story is clarified in the following local news story. It is short and worth watching:

Nightclub terror attack survivor talks publicly, held friend's hand as he passed away
ABC Action News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcL_sbJcNUc

Friends stuck together during Orlando shooting
http://www.abcactionnews.com/news/state ... o-shooting

In Daritza’s interview, several claims come to light.
1. Daritza put pressure on the wounds to Stanley’s torso.
2. Daritza said she saw Stanley’s eyes roll back and he became unconscious.
3. Daritza was there when Stanley “took his last breath.” In other words, he was just about dead as they loaded him into the truck in front of her.

Additional links about Daritza and Stanley:
https://www.facebook.com/people/Daritza ... 9116670799
http://heavy.com/news/2016/06/stanley-m ... ar-mateen/
http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/pul ... story.html

In the ABC Action News clip above, it was explained that Daritza put pressure on Stanley’s critical wounds. There are two problems with that statement, however. First, Daritza’s hands appeared clean in the video. They seemed as clean as her immaculately white shoes.

There seems to have been red liquid on the street, randomly sprinkled here and there. I watched closely and found that none it came from any person in the Fernandez videos, especially not Stanley.

Of more importance, Stanley did not have any signs of being shot by a high-powered rifle “under the arm -- the abdomen -- and in the chest”, as Daritza explained it. If that really happened, he would have been dripping blood everywhere. No such thing happened in the video, as he was lifted and carried.

Below is a video capture of one of Stanley’s three alleged wounds. The little red smear on the sensitive tissue of his armpit is supposed to be a gunshot wound from a .223 bullet. It was not bleeding. There were no previous trickles. Blood was not coaxed out after the female police officer squeezed the area. In addition to this small red mark around Stanley's underarm, he was allegedly shot in the chest and abdomen. Yet what we can see of his bare torso, there's no blood stains or trickles.

I will leave it up to the viewer to determine if this is normal after being shot 3x in these locations with a high-powered rifle.

To see it with your own eyes, refer to the videos. Here are screen caps I made of when his underarm 'wound' could be viewed.


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The Story of Stanley and Daritza, part 3


The amazing thing about Daritza Velez's segment of the Fernandez Video is what she said and how she said it. Turn up the volume and you can hear her clearly.

As lifeless Stanley was being hauled to the truck and laid in the back, the driver (a very young looking police officer?) asked: “That one -- Is he bad?”

Daritza: “Yeah, yeah. He’s bad. He’s bad. He has a shot, uh, under his arm – abdomen – and his chest.” She woodenly pointed out each wounded area on her own torso, and then walked back. She delivered her message with no emotion other than a bit of excitement.

Remember, according to her, this is after Stanley's eyes rolled back and he went unconscious. According to her, this is basically when he took his last breath.

Driver: “Okay, tell me when you’re ready.”

Man at the back: “Go. Go!”

The driver angled the truck to turn around.

Daritza: “Stanley?”

If we believe the scenario, Stanley was unconscious and rapidly dying, with his torso plugged with three .223 bullets. He was about to die after the three-block drive to the hospital. You can’t get much more critical than this situation. And Daritza knew how bad he was shot. She watched her friend Stanley being carried away like a ragdoll, completely unconscious, supposedly full of bullets and taking his last breath. “Yeah, yeah,” she said earlier. “He’s bad. He’s bad.”

Daritza called a second time: “Stanley?... Do you want the phone?”

She held the phone up momentarily as the truck was finishing its 180. Possibly she held it to the police in the back of the truck. Possibly she held it to Stanley in the truck. Mind you, the police in the back were not even looking at her while she was calling Stanley's name. She was calling to her friend, saying his name twice. She could have easily said: "Officer? Officer! Can you take his phone?" Whatever the case, the truck then finished its turn and accelerated away. We see a brief hint of Stanley lying in the back of the truck.

Is this the kind of thing Daritza, or anyone else, should be worrying about in such a catastrophic situation? I know phones are important to young people. I know there is an obsession about phones. But that obsession ends when someone is completely unconscious and lethally shot 3 times.

Why did Daritza call his name out twice, when she knew he was supposed to be unconscious and dying, to see if he wanted his phone back?

If Stanley really were her good friend, and she knew he was brutally shot, one might imagine the things Daritza probably should have been saying. It would have been a lot more natural and emotional than – "Stanley?… Do you want the phone back?”

The most logical reason to explain this show of bizarre behavior was that Stanley wasn’t really unconscious and wasn’t really dying. They were playing pretend right in the middle of a drill. Stanley was being whisked to the hospital, and Daritza – not being the best role-player -- thought that giving Stanley back his phone was more important than staying in character in the final seconds of their ‘scene.’ The audio would be edited out or turned down, right?

It all would make sense given the following scenario: In Daritza’s mind, Stanley would probably get bored and frustrated if he didn’t get his phone back from her. Given that this situation did not appear real, she was probably trying to solve the phone crisis right then and there to avoid future problems, but it was too late. Off went Stanley without his phone. Now she would have to walk through a sea of police to reach the hospital and hope she could eventually get the phone back to him. Maybe she had more things to do down here and wouldn't or couldn't go to the hospital.

Daritza's priorities and choice of words in the video were extremely unlikely if this had been a real mass-murder situation, with Stanley dying right there. According to the evidence, the entire episode with Stanley and Daritza appears to have been bad role-playing in a drill, rather than a real mass-murder situation. Since the other segments of the Fernandez video I've covered have lots of imperfect role-playing and falsity, it makes sense that the Stanley and Daritza chapter follows the same pattern.
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The Story of Stanley and Daritza, part 4

In 2015, Daritza Velezcorcino was arrested twice: first for petit (petty) theft, and then for "failure to appear" for her sentencing. I don't know if she was arrested for more recent crimes.

http://jail.com/arrest-records/daritza- ... o-11055027


Information about Stanley Almovodar is very difficult to find. Any arrest pages have been removed from the internet. I was able to find one using google cache. It was for a DUI in 2014. Information about this young man is hard to come by.
http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/s ... clnk&gl=ca



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Mass Casualty Drills and Exercises

Before analyzing the large-scale drill in Orlando that happened in March 2016, I'll look at the wider context of mass casualty training which has grown rampant in the USA. These events have gone from rare to common in the last decade. I could bombard the thread with 100 examples. Here are just a few:

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/acti ... er-drills/
http://www.localnews8.com/news/law-enfo ... l/40841472
http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/act ... ws-n601696
http://wpde.com/news/local/coker-colleg ... oter-drill
https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/nat ... ter-drill/

A video of different footage from drills, with skeptical and semi-annoying comments from actor Steven Seagal:

Make-up artists nationwide are in demand!

Below are two drills scheduled in the near future. The first one is massive.

It's probably too late, though there still might be time to enroll in the 4000-personnel mass casualty exercise named "Vigilant Guard" in Vermont at the end of this month. The federally-funded exercise will be staged in multiple towns, complete with paid crisis actors and moulage make-up to simulate grievous wounds.

Crisis Actors Sought for Statewide Disaster Drill in Vermont
https://memoryholeblog.com/2016/07/23/c ... n-vermont/

http://demhs.vermont.gov/news/actors-wa ... c-exercise

“I take pride in saying that we pay more than ‘The Walking Dead’ for a day of being an extra,” says Paul “Paulie” Ghiozzi of E-9 Enterprises, referring to the AMC hit television series. The Colorado Springs, Colo., firm is under contract with the federal government to provide logistical support for Vigilant Guard, including extras, props, makeup and costumes.

A much smaller exercise is being held in Florida in the near future, and there is a casting call for crisis actors:

We are a government contractor with 15 years of experience working with county, state, and federal agencies to ensure the safety of civilians by conducting simulated crisis events. Crisis scenarios may include, but are not limited to situations involving:

- Natural disasters (tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, etc.)
- Terror Scenarios (militias, extremists, etc.)
- Biological/Chemical warfare attacks

We are looking for people with experience with acting in theater or commercials. Film actors are also encouraged to apply for the position. You will be working alongside actually government officials to help train them in case of the event of emergency situations. Send an email with your resumé and modeling or acting portfolio to the above address.

compensation: $300-$500 per day

As cryptic as the above examples are, these are 'unclassified' drills with some documentation available for the public. I wonder what crisis actors would be compensated for different levels of speaking roles in classified drills, which may be roughly similar in scope to 'National Security Special Events.' In certain drills, upper-tier crisis actors are scripted to interact with the media. It falls within the zone of 'play' for as long as required.

For a speaking actor, I would imagine there's legal non-disclosure agreements to start off with to protect the integrity of such events, though I wouldn't be surprised if higher levels of security/secrecy are involved too which involve the federal government. I could list some incredible 'extra-legal' powers that the federal government currently has in its arsenal to totally control situations and people. These are like super non-disclosure orders, among other things. However, in the end, that part is speculation, and I don't have any secretive documentation in front of me associating these with any drills. In fact, I don't think anyone is going to get their hands on the nuts-and-bolts details of classified drills any time soon.
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Shut the front door, my Russian hackbot friend!

Did you say kenya local single moms? Like kmilfs?

Tell me more, friend.

By the way, while I still have your attention, stop hacking America, you Putin-sent hackster you!

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Who are you talking to? Is this some kind of secret meeting with the Russians?

Spill it, TRUMP!
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Lol, there was a spambot post above mine, if you can believe. I assume it was purged. Too bad. The Kenya local single moms sounded intriguing.

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