Obama releases documents on gun-running to Mexican cartels

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http://www.politico.com/story/2016/04/o ... nts-221741

Isn't that nice of Obama? Citing Executive Privilege, he waited 4 years to block the release of these documents. Just long enough so that Congress couldn't do much about it. Truth be told, these covert operations have their origins during the Bush era and possibly before. Arms-for-drugs covert transfers were exposed in a big way during the Reagan era Iran-Contra scandal.

Operation Fast and Furious supposedly sent 2000 illegal firearms to Mexico, an amount which created a direct rise in the number of drug-cartel related homicides. Several of these exact firearms, with serial numbers intact, were found at murder sites. Official numbers say 200 homicides, but Mexican officials have said as high as thousands. But Op F & F was only one of several such covert programs, some of which put weapons in the hands of criminals in Colombia, Honduras and Venezuela.

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