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Mixing things up a bit. Let's have one forum for toy discussion. We can have multiple threads, or just one thread, doesn't matter, but let's try having it all in one place for a while and see if that doesn't help discussion. '

And just a reminder... we don't really mod... anything... so thread drift is not a problem. However I left the General forums because some topics require more time/seriousness/devotion... I.E. more than "drift"

All the other toy forums are under archives, so we can bring them back if everyone hates this.
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Yeah, $15.50 to Canada for 3 MOC figs is not too bad. What's bad is that my Loonie currency continues to collapse in relation to the greenback. I think it went down ANOTHER penny to the $USD today. For no solid economic reason naturally.

I think you're playing it right with the ML1.0 preorders. The 4H now have a proven line (I had to wait a year to find that out). The factory is veteran now. I think you can also build up opinions from fans on what to get and what to pass on.

For those ML 1.0 pre-orders coming up I may have to get a few army builders. At least 1 more orc and skeleton figs. I may also want to get a few more cheaper ones -- knights maybe -- with confidence that they will inflate in value. I don't see the 4H ever making these again after the pre-order, and yet the popularity of the line is only starting to grow.

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If I thought people were actually into the fiction, I'd say go for the "main" characters like Scapular. I'm sure there are a few who care about the intended story, but I suspect most just want cool fantasy figures, and use them as they see fit. I know I instantly discarded the story from the package, personally. I read the comic they posted from the art book and have already forgotten most of the names.

Army builders and guys who just look cool are probably safe bets, based on history, though.

Assuming I can swing it, I'll pick up a couple of Dwarves and some skeletons. Maybe a knight, and probably the blood guy. The real killer for me is the wait; ordering stuff for a year from now doesn't really get me excited. Maybe the 1.0 stuff will have quicker turnaround, since the molds are already made, but I'm not counting on it.

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