This made me smile

Mixing things up a bit. Let's have one forum for toy discussion. We can have multiple threads, or just one thread, doesn't matter, but let's try having it all in one place for a while and see if that doesn't help discussion. '

And just a reminder... we don't really mod... anything... so thread drift is not a problem. However I left the General forums because some topics require more time/seriousness/devotion... I.E. more than "drift"

All the other toy forums are under archives, so we can bring them back if everyone hates this.

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I don't see me ordering one or anything, but it's cool. ... ode=retail

The Mazinger smile is great.
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Woah! Double lightsaber! Double lightsaber all the way!
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I saw that a couple months ago. It is pretty awesome.

I think my favorite part is how the bow slides out of the way to let Hello Kitty out of the cockpit. It's kinda freakin' adorable.

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