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Mixing things up a bit. Let's have one forum for toy discussion. We can have multiple threads, or just one thread, doesn't matter, but let's try having it all in one place for a while and see if that doesn't help discussion. '

And just a reminder... we don't really mod... anything... so thread drift is not a problem. However I left the General forums because some topics require more time/seriousness/devotion... I.E. more than "drift"

All the other toy forums are under archives, so we can bring them back if everyone hates this.
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Thanks, man!

I can't believe what happened after the hype about the Juggernaut, Red Onslaught, and Absorbing Man waves died down. Suddenly a few of these characters were appearing on Canadian Amazon for anywhere between $10 and $14 USD with free shipping. I got some books and Speed Demon for $10. You hardly ever, ever see that on our Amazon. Usually everything starts at $20 USD.

There's still a few other characters from those waves on sale. But it looks like they quickly repriced most of them.

Damn, as much as I appreciate finding a deal, Amazon is kill everything off.
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You're telling me. Iceman, Kitty and Havok in particular would have been nice to get cheaper. Not that they're bad figures, but they're not my preferred looks for the characters. Oh well, at least I had Juggernaut built earlier... (small consolation prize).

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I picked up Nico Minoru for $7 at Walmart to use as a jubilee stand in since I never got her. Picked up another machine man for the same price to get longer arm pieces.

If they knock Titania down that much, I'll pick her up too.

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I bought my first MLs in a really long time, because I found the EE exclusive comic Guardians of the Galaxy set on Amazon for half price. I really wanted that set when it came out, but I couldn't get past the price tag. 60 bucks for 5 figures (two of them BAFs) seemed worth it.

I like 'em. I'm a little confused about some of the accessory choices, though. Drax has two sets of knives. One set fits great in his boot holsters and the other set is huge and only fits well in one of his hands. And he has extra hands, so he can have gloves or not. Rocket has three guns. One is tiny and the other two are comically big. The one I really like doesn't seem to fit his hands. I'm pretty sure the tiny one is actually the gun from the 4" scale Rocket, rather than the BAF.

If I could make one change, I'd wish for an unhelmeted Starlord head. But, really, accessories I don't understand aside, it's a great set and does a nice job paying tribute to my favored era of the comic. I'd like to see some more folks get the figure treatment to go with them; Cosmo, Mantis and Bug, particularly. Maybe I can fake in the movie version of Mantis. She's getting a figure, right? I haven't been keeping up at all.
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I managed to grab an Old Man Logan loose for about retail off of Ebay, grabbed a movie Starlord from my local Walgreens, they didnt have anyone else from the new wave.

Most places are dried up here Legends wise, most of what is left is just peg warmers.
They took down rows in TRU for the Marvel costume stuff, don't know when these new waves will fully hit, they are still on the Dr Strange stuff and Civil War legends|

I had missed out on the Puck series a long time ago so I grabbed one of the (Probably bootleg) Wolverines off of Ebay, its pretty decent, didnt come with any claws but cant complain too much.

As far as customizing goes Ive toned down a bit too, I recently added shading to the old school brown costume Wolverine but thats about it.

I am planning to make a swap out trenchcoat for Old Man Logan soon though so he can have the long coat look as well.

(Been a very Wolverine figure kinda month, still need to go see Logan)

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That Old Man Logan actually looks pretty good. Nice Wolvy line-up there.

Here's my current state of affairs when it comes to Marvel action figures (from a copy of my most recent b-s-t list)

Cruising the internets for inexpensive, loose figs of...

-ML Shocker, Green Goblin, Jackal (with BAF parts)
-ML Ghost Rider
-ML Vance Astro
-ML Dazzler, Sunfire
-MS Spectacular Spider-Man
-SDCC Hela, from Vishanti boxset
+ a few BAF parts to finish Thanos, Rhino, Dorm, etc., and a lot of BAF parts to build Sandman

The problem ones with be GR, Hela, and Sandman, but eventually I'll get em....

I can't pay retail MOC +shipping anymore. Loose buys/trades or store sales with free shipping is where it's at

Amazingly I have these on the way for half-decent prices:

MS Black Panther
MS Destroyer
ML Wonder Man
ML Deadpool
customized ML Hobgoblin
+ ML mystery figure gift for free :)

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Good to see you again, Hellstrike!

Dorm, I was shocked to see the prices that new Ghost Rider is pulling. Jason mentioned that it was hard to find, so I started poking around. Yikes! But, as you say, patience usually pays off.
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I picked up the new Darkhawk. So excited for him. One more down to getting the full League of Losers. :)

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