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Hasbro continues to pump six-inch scale legends out at an ever-quickening pace.

What have you picked up since, say, the Jubilee BAF X-Men wave (August 2014) to the present? How'd you do it? What do you aim to find in the future?

This is what I picked up and how I did it over almost 2 years. I'm actually shocked I was able to do this without ever going to a physical store, because there rarely are any MLs at retail where I live. Nearly all purchases were loose, 2nd-hand figures. Trades were from my collection. Almost everything happened via forums.

1. Jubilee BAF wave: traded for loose Magneto and Scourge
2. Odin BAF wave: traded for loose Sentry, Machine Man, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye
3. Hobgoblin BAF, Spidey 3 wave: bought a loose Daredevil
4. Thanos BAF wave: either bought or traded for loose Spider-woman, Hellcat, and Batros
5. Ultron BAF wave, pt 1: Hellstrike sold me loose Grim Reaper, Wasp, and Tigershark?
6. Ultron BAF wave, pt 2: traded for loose Bulldozer
7. Hulkbuster BAF wave: Hellstrike sold me up with loose Strange, Valkyrie, Blizzard, Thundra, Vision
8. Rhino BAF, Spidey 4 wave: missed them, despite wanting GR and Chameleon
9. Absorbing Man BAF wave: only traded for Morbius, but I still want Absorby
10. Red Skull BAF, CW wave 1: bought Cpt America, Whirlwind, and Cottonmouth from TRU (scam!)
11. Giant Man BAF, CW wave 2: bought loose Red Guardian and Nick Fury

Need to somehow get:

12. Juggy BAF, X-Men wave: Rogue, Wolverine, and Deadpool

EDIT. Score from HS: just bought loose Ice-Man, Phoenix, K Pryde, and Juggy BAF. Thanks, HS! Can't wait to see them.

13. Space Venom BAF, Spidey wave: maybe Hobgoblin and Electro
14. Abomination BAF wave: Cpt Britain, Eel, and maybe Wonder Man but he's underwhelming.

So in two years, I got 25 (now 29) figures without setting foot in a store.

Wow, I haven't assembled a BAF since Iron Monger and Zola (2012-2013).

Long gone are the days of buying whole cases of cheap Toybiz figures that worked to $9-14 per figure.
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Ohh, I forgot the SDCC exclusives. These things piss me off.

2014 Thanos Imperative box-set: I bought a loose Gladiator and Black Bolt for $50. A high price, yes, but I guess a wise choice for characters you like, given their current Ebay prices.

2015 Vishanti box-set: All I wanted was Hela. I declined a high offer and moved on.
2015 Ant-Man box-set: All I wanted was Goliath. Might be able to find that at sane prices eventually.

2016: I definitely want Dread Knight, Purple Man, and Enchantress! Some guy might go halfers with me, and I'd score those three. Then again, the deal probably will fall through. We'll see.

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I've recently given up paying actual money for toys, so I haven't bought any MLs at all this year. I did trades for the Absorbing Man wave Venom and the Spider-Man with the pizza slice. Honestly, I can't remember the last thing before that. I guess the movie Guardians of the Galaxy stuff, but I wound up getting rid of most of that.

I wanted that GotG boxed set they had at Entertainment Earth, but not enough to pay what they were asking.

I may try to get the occasional classic Spidey villain update by trading, but I'm pretty satisfied with my remaining ML collection. (Sold off most of them a little while back.)

It was a great line, and I was all about scooping up whole waves back in the day, but the 20 dollar price tag combined with a lot of characters that don't really interest me (and a pretty complete collection of characters that DO interest me) has kept me out of the market recently.
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Jubilee wave was a nice yardstick.
I've grabbed everything except for the Jubilee wave (sans Stryfe) -- managed to get the SDCC exclusives although I missed out on X-Force.
I've been really impressed with their efforts in getting a comprehensive ML collection. I still would prefer a bit more leaning towards updating classic attires than the flash in the pan modern looks, which get changed by the time the figure gets to shelves anyway.

About to start the hunt for Juggy wave, Namor and the Space Venom series. Looking forward to what's in store for SDCC.
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JKL-MD, you're a dedicated ML collector! Nice.

I totally agree about the classic costumes. Then again, if they only made classics, I'd be broke given the rate the new MLs are coming out! For years now, I've decided to only collect classic costumed MLs (no modern or movie). I've purged my collection of most everything else, although I've made the odd exception if the character is one of my faves.

I'm also looking forward to the SDCC set, and I am down for the 3 I listed. Looks like my contact from the Fwoosh will be going halfers (that's if he can actually order it on the day of).
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It amazes me how great the Hasbro stuff has been over the last 6 or so waves. I really wish I had the disposable income I had 10 years ago. lol.

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Yeah. I think their product is fantastic right now and I LOVE what's coming up... but it's coming out so fast and so close together that I can't keep up!
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JasonNC wrote:Yeah. I think their product is fantastic right now and I LOVE what's coming up... but it's coming out so fast and so close together that I can't keep up!

true, thats the other problem, it's getting pushed so fast, I couldn't hope to buy it all
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Holy crap

I hooked up with a local guy who came back from SDCC. He had an extra Raft exclusive set of MLs. He originally was selling it for $250 CDN online, which is a crazy price. So I msged him and made an offer for 4 of the 6 figures. He said no, he wouldn't break up the set. I forgot about it and moved on. A few days later he msgs me and offers just over cost for the whole set: $130 USD. He said he bought 2 of every single Hasbro exclusive offering, and now came to the funny conclusion that he bought too much.

Turns out he was a nice guy, made fun chat, and the deal went down pretty smoothly. He's been to SDCC with his girl friend for 3 yrs in a row now, so I got to buddy up to this dude if he goes again! He can smuggle back a 2017 exclusive for me.

If I had ordered that set from HasbroToyShop (I couldn't because I was on a road-trip), it would have cost me way more. Hasbro throws on extra customs duty for Canadian and foreign shoppers, and then there's the hefty shipping. It probably all would have cost me $175 USD.

So I'm pretty happy. Abomination, Purple Man, and Enchantress are surprisingly good. I prefer this darker green that the exclusive Abomination has compared to the lighter green than the BAF version which is coming out in a wave now. Dreadknight is the best of the 6, right out of the comics. I have yet to look at Sandman and Spidey closely, but I probably will sell them to recoup some of my purchase.

This is the first exclusive set I've ever seen. The packaging, which I'll probably throw out, is like 2.5 feet long, displaying jail cells. It's kind of neat. It was hell trying to remove the figures from the giant form-fitting plastic clamshell. Once free, the figures look pretty sweet.
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Recently got my case of X-men legends (was on vacation, been gone a bit)
kept Cable, Rouge, Deadpool, Havok and Wolverine, sold the rest

Got Space Venom with the sale money of the X-men stuff

Found the War Machine / Disco Iron Man 2 pack while I was in Indiana

Got the Walgreens Punisher today along with the Civil War 3 pack (Cap, Spidey, Iron Man)

Also got a bootleg series 6 Deadpool, one of the Toybiz bootlegs that have been showing up on Ebay for about $30
Took a shot in the dark as there weren't any reviews of him when I bought mine, I'm happy with the overall figure, its definitely a higher quality bootleg then normal, I wouldn't say worth more then $25-$30 though

On the bootleg topic I ordered one of these guys to see what its like as well, Ill let you know when he gets here
(I'm tired of waiting for cinematic universe Vision)


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