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1.YOU AGREE that your use of this Forum is governed by these Rules.

2. The Staff reserves the right to edit, move, delete or otherwise alter any message or thread at our sole discretion. In the event of any dispute the decision of the staff is final.

3. The Staff reserves the right to remove, edit or suspend any user account at their sole discretion. There is no right of appeal.

4. The Staff reserves the right to remove, edit or alter any content (posts, images, avatars, etc) at their sole discretion.

5. Members must be civil at all times. When addressing another Forum user, please be polite. Courteous discussion is welcome here, even reasonably heated, but abusive argument is not.

6. You can disagree with the subject matter of a post, but never personally attack the poster - “Attack the post, not the poster!”. Treat people as you would like to be treated yourself: with courtesy.

7. Multiple user accounts are not permitted.

8. is a pg-13 site. We welcome users of all ages so keep it clean. No nude images are allowed.

9. The AriticulationJunkies private messaging system may not be used to send pornographic or illegal content of any kind including but not limited to images, text, and/or personal threats.

10. You agree that you assign to this site and its successors perpetual and unlimited license free of charge to use any content and materials provided by you. You agree that this applies to any post or article or contribution or material of any type that you submit or upload in any way. You retain copyright to any original content you contribute.

11. Freedom of speech: Your contribution to this forum is not a right but a privilege. As this is a private website there is no public right to freedom of speech. The rules we have in place are to protect the site, and to provide a convivial environment for our Members. In short: we decide what is permissible or not permissible.

12. Although the Staff will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for all messages to be reviewed. All messages express the views of the author alone, and neither the Owner nor Staff of this Forum may be held responsible for the content of any message.

13. You must not linkspam the forum. Genuine messages with genuine links that are relevant and of use to our community are permitted. Linkspam will be deleted.

14. The Private Message system (PM) must not be used for advertising or promotion in any form.

15. No direct links to executable files are allowed (eg .exe, .xls, .scr). Please link to the page the file is referenced on.

16. Avatars: The maximum dimensions are 125px width, 160px height, and 6144B filesize.

17. Signatures have been disabled.

18. No bashing of other forums. Just because we may not like how other forums are managed, does not mean we're gonna spend time being all negative about them here. No forum wars or any of that. Articulation Junkies and it's staff practice "live and let live". Other sites do things their way, we do things our way.

These Rules may change from time to time and it is your responsibility to check for the latest version. The Rules may be updated without notice.

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