Repainted FROZEN dolls

Assembly required
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:34 pm
These dolls of Anna and Elsa from Frozen are dramatically improved from their production models due to much more film-accurate paint apps on the faces. Seriously, these are great. Disney should think about commissioning some higher end dolls for their animated films. I know it's a bit of a different market, but considering how popular Hot Toys have been (and I imagine they've made Disney some nice profits with the Marvel figures), this might be the next logical move, and these wouldn't have to be nearly as expensive as Hot Toys, because the sculpts and costumes would be simpler: ... er/#!EdmlA

The artist has more custom dolls in her Deviant Art gallery (including other Disney and some Audrey Hepburn dolls), but the Frozen ones are the best. I especially like the Elsa that she repainted into a "Frozen Heart" Anna:

And she's got way more pics on her website:

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Those are really good work.

The extra attention she paid to the hair helps a lot, too.

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amazing difference!

Seems like they could at least do the eyes with a good Tampo process.

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