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Darth Board wrote:Here's a thought: Maybe you can even get the girls to organize their space!

Sweet, sweet, naive Darth. Perhaps in some kind of dream world, you would be correct. But I am forced to live in the harsh, messy world of reality.

The thing with the reviews is sadly typical of the internet. People seem to totally forget common sense and common courtesy.
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Well, the fanboys might not be so classy, but Playstation's UK branch was actually very classy in their tweeting yesterday: ... 0840030208

That is the attitude gamers should have right there! The tide that raises one ship raises all.
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Darth Board wrote:In other Zelda news, fanboys who cannot stand that Nintendo is getting such high praise for a new game are actually posting "0" reviews on Metacritic. Seriously. There's a bunch of 0% user reviews now. Many of them even admit to having not played the game. The critic score is still 98%, but the user score is 76% thanks to the hater campaign.

People can be really messed up sometimes.

it also shows that ratings bear little weight when it comes to Nintendo first party titles. No one looks for metacritic scores when researching Nintendo marquee titles.

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