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PostPosted: Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:01 am
Well, as it turned out, I had a movie theater gift card and a couple of kids who were up for it, so my whole family went to see Doctor Strange on Saturday. And it was good.

Let me start by saying that I think 3D is lame and gimmicky, but I had a couple of kids with me (one of whom had never seen a 3D movie), so we went for it, and the good Doctor totally delivered. All those trippy visuals from the trailers look amazing in 3D. I would say it's definitely worth the extra couple of bucks if you're going to the theater anyway.

Doctor Strange's comics have always felt too talky to me, but I didn't have that problem with the movie. Lots of great martial arts, some nice comedy touches, and solid performances in all the lead roles. The story moved along pretty well, especially considering it had to do all the origin story stuff.

There was, once again, a shoehorned love interest, but I didn't feel that it took much from the plot. Seemed pretty by-the-numbers, though. I'm hoping they leave that out of any future Doctor Strange movies. Reminded me of the lame Jane Foster stuff in the Thor movies, but at least there was a little chemistry with this one.

Anyway, it's fun. I don't think it'll be moving to the top of my Marvel movie list, but it was entertaining, and the spectacle in 3D really was worth the trip to the theater. I actually felt light headed once or twice.

There's a mid-credits scene and an after credits scene, so pick a theater with comfy chairs. We managed that by accident; the one we went to had recently installed really nice recliners for all the seats.

PS The Rogue One trailer looked really good in 3D. Guardians 2 worked pretty well, too, but I doubt I'll spring for it.
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Saw it on Friday night, in 3D.... and I felt I got more than my money's worth!

Loved the film, tho I mistakenly thought it took place after Civil War with the 35 year old pilot line being about Rhodey, but it was about the Hammer tech test pilot from Iron Man 2 and the beginning takes place shortly after that film, but I guess progresses to shortly after the battle of New York, because Wong specifically mentions the Avengers when explaining to Doctor Strange how the protection racket works.

The mid-credits scene really got me excited for next year!

All in all, for a character I cared little for in the comics, this film really pulled me in and hooked me. I'm excited for the sequel!
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Haven't seen it yet, but I'm seriously relieved that it's getting good reviews. Dr. Strange is one of the top Marvel properties for me, going back to when I was a kid reading hand-me down issues from the 1970s. So I'm happy that Hollywood hasn't butchered the 'mythos'. And a sequel may get more into the meat and potatoes.
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Still haven't caught it yet (I was on a retreat this past weekend) but looking forward to doing so soon. I was never much a fan of the Strange comics, but since the character has been present for pretty much every major Marvel event of the last 30 years, I'm pretty familiar with him. Looking forward to the film!

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