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PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:50 pm
I think they've embraced not making any sense and being awful, so they're celebrating it in trailer form now.

But I agree; I'm not seeing even a trace of an interesting story idea. Which is great, since this is the first of the "writers room" movies, where they're building this fantastic shared universe.

And, yeah, I guess you're right about Not Bumblebee. I was holding out hope, but it's probably Hubcap. Or Ultra Magnus, since they just randomly apply names in the movie.
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Latest news on the TFCU is that apparently Bay (or more likely Hasbro) shot-down a treatment for an R-rated Bumblebee movie!

And no, that's not a joke. Someone actually pitched a Tarantino-esque R-rated movie based on the Autobot scout. Apparently Bay would like to do an R-rated TF film (because you know, it's based on a kids' toyline, so why not?!), but I guess he thought it didn't fit Bumblebee or somesuch.

They are actually doing a BB spinoff, and supposedly TF5 will set it up somehow. So I guess that means evil Optimus doesn't actually kill him. Or maybe he just Matrixes him back to life once he shakes off probably-Unicron's influence.

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The R-Rated Transformers movie will be the final dudebro-ening of the franchise. I really hope Hasbro isn't stupid enough to let them do that. Then again, they've let them do so much already.

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